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There?s no denying the rise of the DILF in gay porn. Not since the 70s have we seen the kind of interest in masculine and mature performers that we are now. Call it a diversification of a growing industry or just less of an interest in the primped and plucked youth-driven content that we?ve been used to, but it?s definitely well and truly here. Within the subgenre there have also been a few examples of content branching off in different directions, such as intergenerational-geared films, but this is the first time we?ve seen a film that focuses on interracial encounters between mature men and younger ebony companions ? though surely there are a few others. There?ve been lots of interracial pairings between older talent before, but there can?t be many a film that?s combined race and age diversity and made this its focus. Magnus Productions and Top Dog Production bring us this interesting little title, "Dad Got Fucked by a Big Black Dagger," featuring a few familiar faces and some well-hung black hotties. The premise of the film is that this is what happens when your hot black friends come over to visit and you're not home. So it?s up to daddy to keep them entertained till you get back. Those that are looking for a real rough, masculine DILF are going to be really satisfied by Jeffrey Huntwell and sexy dark top Aron Ridge in scene three. Neither is a stranger to porn (or interracial encounters for that matter) and they pull out a wicked performance between them with some great anal sexing (including a hot piledriver position) and finish off by jerking their boomsticks side-by-side. But the scene that really caught my attention was the second featuring black stud Justyn Blayde and daddy Mark Horn. The reason this one-on-one really worked for me is because Horn is truly believable as a Dad that?s just happened to become involved with a younger dark man. He hasn?t got an over-the-top masculinity like a furry chest, tattoos and body piercings; he?s actually pale and skinny. But there?s something so ?Daddish? about him when he?s telling Justyn that he doesn?t know where his son is before deciding to entertain him while he waits. He?s down on his knees sucking that immense love stick in no time as Justyn tweaks his nipples, rips off his shirt and shows off that incredibly toned body while his friend?s dad goes down on him. Justyn gladly returns the favor, which gets Mark rock hard and ridiculously horny so that when he props himself up on the bed he?s practically gagging to be drilled by that dark tool. The upside to Mark?s pale skin is that it really accents the color difference between the two men and looks all the more sexy for it. When the guys get into a missionary position, the action heats up just that extra bit because Justyn can really plow in deeply. Mark just holds his socked feet above his head and lets him go for it. They work their way into a piledriver as well, which once again is just so fantastic to watch and really gets Mark vocal. Eventually Justyn pulls out and offloads his spunk all over Mark just after he?s done the same. Added on: Nov 09 | Playtime: 06:00 gay, gay sex, jerk off, piercing, big dick, anal sex, face, caught, home, jerk, position, stud, dark, little, pierced, stranger, feet, tattoo, gagging, skinny, rough, men, interracial, dick, first time anal, first time, face fucked, big nipples, bed sex, chest, shirt, happenings, talent, knee, satisfying, skin, hung, anally, incredible, fantastic, analized, black black, one on one, filming, heat, performing, on top, home made, black gays, dad, real, dogging, socks, son, daddy, bed, satisfied, entertainment, friend, man, performance, body, anal fucking, drill, tool, mature, black, hot, anal, sex, hard, horny, missionary, deep, spunk, hard dick, mature sex, black dick, gag, interracial sex, hard sex, jerking off, guy, fuck, suck, rip, since, interest, growing, industry, youth, truly, geared, though, focus, production, title, visit, reason, involved, furry, actually, entertain, toned, favor, himself, upside, color, above, eventually
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