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'HF2' is the second release from the power couple rear Hard Friction, Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond. The first disc is a collection of five individual scenes conceived and directed by Steve and Bruno featuring today's hottest rising stars like Alexsander Freitas, Derrek Diamond, Alessio Romero, and Drake Jaden. The second disc is the premiere of the Hard Friction Edge line of pro-am style shoots featuring screen tests with newcomers Tyler Murphy and Keiran as well as Steve and Bruno's hook-up with hunky favorite Remy Delaine in Australia. Over 3 1/2 hours of sweet sex from two men who deliver on the screen or backside the scenes. This is a limited DVD run--when it is sold out it will no longer be available in DVD formatDisc One ࠠA collection of individual scenes directed by Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond for their studio Hard Friction. Scene 1 ࠠAlessio Romero and Steve Cruz. Alessio Romero is taking a shower. He flexes his muscles and shows off his ink until he is joined by Steve Cruz.. They share wet kisses exploring each other's bodies and rock grueling joysticks. Steve is first on his knees working Alessio's meat, and then he steps up on the bench to get his throbbing cock sucked by Alessio. The two men move the action to the bed where Alessio goes to work warming up Steve's furry rump for bonking. Steve rides Alessio's tough schwanz in ecstasy until Alessio flips him over and drives it heavily into his fuzzy bubble arse. Steve is now ready to get some rear end for himself so Alessio sticks his muscle derriere out and takes it like a man. Steve pounds him grueling until he blows his big load all over Alessio's rump. They lie back on the bed so Steve can help Alessio work out his own hot load. The two men curl up together exhausted and satisfied. Scene 2 ࠠDrake Jaden and Brandon X. The sexual chemistry is intense between Drake Jaden and Brandon X. As the two inked and muscled young men kiss and explore each other's firmly bodies. Brandon is first on his knees to work over Drake's big dick slurping and slobbering until Drake is ready to deep throat Brandon's meat. Next, Brandon is on his back with his legs in the air as Drake rims his buttocks to prepare it for fucking. He spreads Brandon's muscular legs and plunges his dagger deep in his hot hole. The attraction is obvious as the two sweet men kiss, and stare into each other's eyes as they love harder and harder. Drake is ready for tool and rides Brandon's meat until he blows his load. He then sucks Brandon's balls until he shoots beautiful bloke juice all over his chest.Scene 3 ࠠBruno Bond and Tony Vega. Bruno Bond is dressed, sitting down and waiting for Tony Vega who walks into the room butt naked. They kiss as Bruno plays with his tan, furry rear end. Tony straddles Bruno, his big uncut love muscle rock grueling. Bruno starts to lick and consume, playing with the foreskin. Tony enjoys the attention, but then wants to see more of Bruno. He starts to unbutton his shirt, revealing his muscled, hairy chest. He then unzips Bruno's jeans, pulls out his rock firmly cock and hungrily gobbles it down. Bruno picks up Tony and moves him over to the bed so he can prime his rear for fucking. He licks and tongue fucks the cute boy tooshie until he is ready to plunge his tough schwanz into Tony's hairy hole. Bruno pounds Tony's bubble arse working up a beautiful load that he shoots all over Tony's balls. Tony blasts his own immense load all over his chest.Scene 4 ࠠDerrek Diamond and Berke Banks. Berke Banks and Derrek Diamond are kissing on the sofa. Derrek rubs his hand down Berke's furry chest to find the bulge of his long, heavily hose pressing against the fabric of his shorts. He frees the enormous cock and slams it down his throat. Derrek is down on his knees licking and sucking as Berke lies back and enjoys the service from this sweet boy next door. Derrek then stands up on the sofa so Berke can work over his own vast meat. Macho, bearded Berke sucks Derrek's dong until he is ready to pound that vast bubble fanny. Derrek is happy to be plowed by this hairy Daddy and gives it up doggie style as well as on his back with his rear in the air. Berke pounds a giant load right out of the teeny stud that he sprays all over his chest. Berke pulls out and coats Derrek with another load of his own man juice. Scene 5 ࠠAlexsander Freitas and Vic Kovac. Sweet Ukrainian, Vic Kovac, is lying on his stomach reading a book with his naked tooshie exposed against the clean sheets. Inked, Brazilian muscle stud Alexsander Freitas walks into the room. Vic reaches up and runs his hand down Alex's ripped, furry abs. The two kiss and fall back on the bed caressing each other's bodies as the roll back and forth across the sheets. Alex rips off Vic's shirt as the passion builds. Vic is rock hard and can feel Alex's gruelling candle pressing against his shorts. He frees Alex's meat so he can taste it himself. Alex face fucks Vic knowing his backside is next. Vic is soon on his back with his legs in the air being pounded by the dominant Brazilian. Alex wants even more of Vic's backside and turns him around to pound him from arse. Alex is relentless and Vic loves it! Alex lies back and insatiable Vic climbs up and rides his hard meat popsicle until he is ready to shoot his load. Alex follows right afterward with his own big load. The two sweaty men lie back, kissing, exhausted and satisfied.Disc Two ࠠThe first collection of scenes directed by Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond for the new Gruelling Friction Edge line shot in a more pro-am style. All scenes on this disc were filmed on location in Australia.Scene 1 ࠠTyler Murphy, Bruno Bond and Steve Cruz.. Tyler Murphy has tracked down Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond on their trip to Sydney. Of course Steve and Bruno invited the sexy, teenaged Irishman up to their hotel, stripped him down and got him in their bed where they quizzed the smiling, blue-eyed dude about the type of guys that he enjoys and his sexual adventures in Sydney. Bruno warms Tyler up for his first porn shoot by kissing him and sucking on his hard candle. Bruno rims his hairy derriere before slipping on a condom and plunging deep into his willing hole. The desire and attraction is intense on Tyler's face as he looks up at Bruno while his rear is getting pounded. Steve is now ready for his turn at Tyler's ass and fucks him firmly until he blows his load all over Tyler's nuts. Bruno is back to screw Tyler until he blows his big load all over his stomach. Bruno pulls out and shoots his own man juice all over the hot teenage stud.Scene 2 ࠠRemy Delaine, Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond. When Bruno and Steve found out they were traveling to Sydney, they knew that they had to meet up with Remy Delaine. The three had a dinner together and Bruno and Steve asked Remy back to their hotel for dessert. Remy started his career in porn as a smooth teenager man. He is now very muscled, hairy and even more masculine. Bruno takes some photos of Remy stroking his thick, uncut dingus as Steve films them. Bruno joins Remy on the bed and they kiss as Steve plays with Remy's bratwurst. Steve passes the camera to Bruno as Remy sucks Steve's firmly tinker and eats his hairy hole. They trade back so Remy can go to work on Bruno's baby-maker. Next, it is Remy's turn to film as Steve and Bruno work on his very big meat together. Remy lies back as Steve sits down and rides his schwanz in ecstasy until he shoots his load. Satisfied, he takes the camera back and films Remy pounding Bruno's hairy ass until both dudes blow their loads together.Scene 3 ࠠKeiran and Bruno Bond. Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond are on the beach in Sydney , Australia where they meet smiling stud Keiran sporting a big bulge in his board shorts. They invite him back to their hotel room, strip him down to his underwear and quiz him about what type of guys that he like and his sexual exploits around Sydney. When his underwear comes off, we watch his hose grow larger and larger until it is rock heavy and pointing up above his navel. Keiran shows off and strokes his massive meat until Bruno can't take it anymore and has to get a taste for himself. He gets as much down his throat as he can take. This hose is almost three fists tall! 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Grueling bodied men so horny, they just can't wait to get their clothes off and their asses stuffed with more thick throbbing soldier! A film for lads who 'Need It Bad!' The latest four scene scorcher from Hard Friction brings you more of what you screw! Immense dongs, Hairy dudes, Tattooed rough-necks, Bubble butts, Swarthy brutes, Hard-bodied jocks, Muscle studs and the boy next door all get their fill, Live in the Heavy Friction studio. Directors Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond bring you more no-nonsense bonking based on true chemistry and attraction the way men like it! Recommended for those who 'Need It Bad!" Scene 1 - Shay Michaels & Adam Herst There is an instant attraction between bearded muscle men Shay Michaels and Adam Herst. Shay's massive chest and torso is covered in light golden fur, Adam is also a golden boy, his washboard abs tighten and flex with the excitement of each penetrating kiss. Shay goes down on Adam sucking his fat meat stick deep and long. Adam contorts and pumps his hips as he gets his soldier serviced. Soon, it's Shay's turn to take control and push Adam down on his knees. Shay is directive, verbally commanding... he knows what he likes and he's the man to tell you how it's going to be. Adam delivers an expert slobber job, then Shay flips Adam onto his back to open up that perfect clean mound of an rear. Adam's tight pink hole is splayed open and the feast begins. Adam is on his back and Shay climbs on top, pinning his arse down with his full weight as he drives his dick deep inside while Adam moans and squirms. Shay won't let him go far, he drives his thick meat in and out of that perfect pink hole. Then he flips Adam over again on his back so he can watch his reaction as he drives his fat point home. Shay is humping with full force, Adam is spreading his legs wider and wider over his own head. All this excitement works a warm snowy load out of Shay's dick and onto Adam's groin, he pulls out and helps Adam reach his explosive climax until the two collapse into a pool of jizz and sweat. Scene 2 - Fabio Stallone & Kennedy Carter Italian stud Fabio Stallone is passionately kissing Kennedy Carter as his enormous, uncut soldier grows harder and harder. He kisses down the ripped body of this inked, ginger from the UK until he gets to his own massive, uncut meat already throbbing in anticipation of a gorgeous mouth. He tongues Kennedy's foreskin and crams sausage down his throat while stroking his meat, then stands up, kisses Kennedy and pushes him down on his knees. Kennedy does his best to get this thick, curved schwanz down his throat, staring up at this hairy, muscled hunk until tears are welling up in his eyes from the effort. He is rewarded by Fabio who turns Kennedy around, exposing his good looking, pink hole and giving him a warm-up with his tongue. This rear needs to be nice and lubricated if it is going to fit his giant pecker! When he sticks it in, Kennedy is ecstatic! Fabio pounds him from bottom and again while he is on his back. The duel of the giant dinguses climaxes with two creamy loads across Kennedy's inked chest and stomach. This scene will give fans of giant, uncut fuck rods exactly what they are looking for! Scene 3 - Jason Michaels & Damien Stone Two pitch-black and hairy studs are lip-locked in the Hard Friction studio. Damien Stone is so into his hairy muscle boy Jason Michaels he can't take his eyes and his hands off him. Jason wastes no time working his lips down Damien's chiseled body to his long, rock-strong tinker. Damien responds with enthusiasm, 'You're a damn good cocksucker boy! Ready to get throat-banged?!' Jason is a good boy, he stays on his knees pleasing every throbbing delicious inch Damien Stone has to offer him. Going down on Jason's hole before fucking it, Damien spreads Jason's hairy young tiddley ass wide and plants deep wet licks there as lubricant. Jason's moans and smiles with delight as his abs and triceps flex. Once Jason is opened and ready Damien plants his long stiff tool deep into his hole. It slides right in! Damien takes command, grabs his bottom and gives it all he's got, rock severely and steady. The he flips Jason on his back so he can see him face to grimace, pulling his legs in the air and drilling for home. Jason's smile couldn't be wider, obviously Damien hits the spot. In a third position Jason gets on and rides! He grinds his wet hairy hole on Damien's pole until the friction drives him to blast his young cum all over the thick pitch-dark hair that cover his muscled abs. Damien return the favor in a huge white blast that Jason laps up with no hesitation. Scene 4 - Dylan Hyde & Jesse Santana Tall, lean, newcomer Dylan Hyde worked tough for a year to get on the Hard Friction set. His persistence was rewarded with a gorgeous hookup with Jesse Santana. These two lads are obviously very into each other as they stand naked, kissing and stroking each other's thick, heavily peckers. Dylan shows off his eager newbie love muscle sucking skills on Jesse's big meat while stroking his own giant dick. Not wanting to be showed up by the new guy, Jesse shows him how to deep throat a massive cum gun and Dylan shows his gratitude by slapping him in the front with his giant tool! Jesse lays back and Dylan climb up on him to ride his throbbing cock in reverse cowboy. Dylan's stiff meat popsicle bounces up and down with each thrust of Jesse's muscled thighs. The intensity of a long, thick cock pounding his hole shows on Dylan's face as we see every inch pushing in and out. Moving Dylan onto his back, Jesse lays him on the table to he can really pound his rear. As Jesse rams away, Dylan strokes his third leg to orgasm and blows his load. Jesse climbs up and pins Dylan down with his meaty legs and shoots a giant load over his head and all over his face. Dylan sucks every last drop out of his cock and then happily kisses Jesse, satisfied with his first scene. 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We came across these three horny guys looking for bratwurst in a local restaurant warehouse. Each of the boys is wearing their hankies to show any interested strangers what they like to do when they choose to get nasty. They don't mince words and no one says anything as Damian and Brayden lead slender Scott to a chaise lounge that provides the perfect height for slobbering knob. Scott gets on his knees and opens Brayden's bulging pants. Scott whips out Brayden's vein-popping disco stick and gets busy doing the Lord's work. Scott doesn't leave Damian in the lurch either as he makes sure to spend an equal amount of time with each gracious thick prick in his mouth. He services each of them before getting on his hands and knees to get spanked by Damian and Brayden's firmly daggers. The two remove Scott's underwear and feel him up hard, rubbing his butt cheeks and fingering his potty hole. Damian stands and fucks Scott's mouth while Brayden gets down and rims him from arse. Damian tells Scott that he's about to get copulated deep, then turns him around and shoves his vast gruelling meat deep inside the skinny Scott. Damian humps strong as Scott gets spit-roasted with a meat stick in each of his open holes. Brayden wants in on the rear end fuckin action and gets rear end Damian to stick it to him. Scott isn't quite satisfied no matter how firmly he gets fucked. He begs to get fucked harder and deeper and both Damian and Brayden take turns slamming Scott's asshole grueling. After a marathon session of getting plowed, Scott collapses on the couch, butt in the air, to allow each of the big-cocked blokes to unleash their loads on his rear end. Damian shoots first and paints Scott's cheeks and crack caucasian as it shoots out and runs down his fanny. Brayden follows suit and soon Scott's entire ass is covered in sweet, sticky jizz that the two tops promptly wipe snowy with Scott's hanky. After being covered in cum, Scott needs to blow his own load. He's super steamy from feeling all that warm cum hit his fanny and land on his skin that he can't wait to nut! He lifts his ass in the air as each of the other boys grabs an ass cheek and rub him laborious as he makes a mess on someone else's furniture. They all make out one last time then throw Scott back down before they each give him a giant slap on the ass and walk away to go about their days. Added on: Jun 17 | Playtime: 01:10 anal, bareback, cumshot, group, hardcore, gay